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Lighthouses have guided navigators through the Chesapeake Bay for centuries. While a practical nautical aid, these lighthouses have also captured the imagination of millions with thier majestic stance and authoritative solitude.

Mary Jane Thomas Stokes, an historical artist born and raised in Virginia, has combined artistic talent with years of painstaking research to put together a comprehensive collection of prints depicting each of the lighthouses of the Bay, past and present. There is no other collection of it's type.... anywhere.

In addition to prints of each individual lighthouse, Mrs. Stokes has compiled two lighthouse maps of the Chesapeake Bay showing the location of each lighthouse and the years it was / or still is in service. A Lower Bay and an Upper Bay map are available.

Find the lighthouses that are special to you, or just get lost in the maps. Welcome to the beautiful world of the Chesapeake Bay and it's guides-in-the-night, it's lighthouses. Enjoy!!!